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Gibbs, Lucius H.

Name Street Town State From To
Gibbs, Lucius H.   Oberlin Ohio 1840s  
Gibbs, Lucius H.   New York New York 1856  

Patent Date Remarks
5,316 October 2, 1847 Patent drawing
14,057 January 8, 1856 Improvement in Breech-Loading Fire-Arms
Patent drawing
Specifications, 2nd page

Contract for

Revolver with nine cyliders of seven shots. The nine cylinders were contained in a tubular buttstock and were moved foreward by gravity after the discharged one was removed. Gibbs said that the 63 shots could be fired in less than three minutes.

.52 caliber percussion, single shot Gibbs carbine, 22" round barrel marked on the lock plate
Wm F. BROOKS / MANFR NEW YORK and on the receiver
L.H. GIBBS / PAT'D / JANY 8, 1856
Only about 1062 carbines would have been made in 1863 prior to a fire of the Phoenix Armory. Guns would have been issued to the 13th and 14th New York Cavalry and 500 guns to the 10th Missouri Cavalry.

left side
right side

.44 caliber percussion, single shot marked on the lockplate LULL & THOMAS/ILION, N.Y. It is believed that these would be the 20th carbines tested by an Ordnance Board in 1858.