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Gibbs, Henry

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Gibbs, Henry   Borough of Lancaster Pennsylvania 1812 died 1843

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

Tax list, brother of Abraham (Abram), John and William Gibbs? Or were they children of Henry? In his last will his children were Henry, Abraham and John Frederick. Unfortunately, there is no much documentation about the Gibbs.

Flintlock rifles, full stock, brass mountings, octagonal barrel marked H. Gibbs of average quality resembles them of John Drepperd, most converted to percussion.

This gun is only marked Gipps. The lock was made by M.M..Maslin who was a gun-lock maker during the time when Henry Gibbs was active. Therefore I believe this gun was made by Henry Gibbs.

Pistol left side
Pistol right side
Pistol top view
Pistol bottom view
Pistol marking on lock
Pistol marking on barrel