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Geddy, William

Name Street Town State From To
Geddy, William   Williamsburg Virginia 1751  

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

Son of James Geddy Sr.

Advertising in the Virginia Gazette, August 8, 1751:

David and william Geddy, SMith's in Williamsburg, near the Church, having all Manner of Utensils requisite, cary on the Gun-smith's, Cutler's and Founder's Trade, at whose Shop may be had the following Work, viz, Gun Work, such as Guns and Pistols Stocks, plain or neatly vernished, Locks and Mountings, Barrels blued, bored, and rifled, Founder's Work, and Harnefs Buckles, Coach Knobs, Hinges Squares, Nails and Bullions, curions Brats, Fenders and Fire Dogs, House Bells of all Size, Dials calculated to any Latitude, Cutler's Works, as Razors, Lancets, Shears, and Surgeon's Instruments, ground, Cleaned, and glased, as well as when first made, Sword Blades polished, blued, and gilt in the neatest Manner, Scabbards for Swords, Needles and Sights for Surveyors Compasses, Rupture Bands of different Sorts, particu- larly a Sort which gives admirable Ease of all Kinds of Rupture, Likewise at the said Shop may be had a Vermisuge Price, 32, 6d per Bottle, which sufely and effectually destrpyd aéé Lomds pf WPr,a om Jprses, the most inveterate Pole-evils and Fistulas cured, and all Diseases inceident to horses, at their said Shop. .