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Gallager, Mahlon J.

Name Street Town State From To
Gallager, Mahlon J.   Savannah Georgia 1860 1865

Patent Date Remarks
29,157 July 17, 1860 Improvement in Breech-Loading Fire-Arms
Patent drawing
Claims 2nd page

Contract for
Federal Caliber .54; patent July 17, 1860; 17,728 purchased August 31, 1861-December 10, 1864. Prices were 30$ which dropped down to 20$ during until 1864. Cardridges were charged $25 per thousand.

The rights on Gallager's patent were baught by Richardson & Overman, Philadelphia who proposed the Gallager carbine in 1861 to the Federals. Tests were made in Frankcord Arsenal, Philadelphia in fall 1861 by Leutnant Thomas J. Treadwell.

After the war in 1865 totally 5000 Gallager's were altered to the Spencer .56-50 cartridge (the first 1000 by May 1865). 2500 of these were purchased by Schuyler, Hartley & Graham , New York in 1870 and sold to the French Army. They were used during the War (French vs. German) in 1870/1871.

.50 caliber percussion (Poultney Metallic Cartridges), Gallager single shot carbine
Civil War Carbine, left side
same, right side

marks on an other gun
other gun, right-side