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Foster, George Pratt

Name Street Town State From To
Foster, George Pratt Shop under the Washington Reading room, near Tauton Green Tounton Massachusetts 1843  
Foster, George Pratt   Providence Rhode Island 1860  

Patent Date Remarks
27,874 April 10, 1860 Improvement in Breech-Loading Fire-Arms
Patent drawing

Contract for

Born April 12, 1810 in Attleboro, Massachusetts and died in 1874. Parents were George Foster and Eunice Starkey. Pratt was the maiden name of his grandmother (paternal). He married Fanny Moore on December 1, 1831.

In the newspaper Bristol County Democrat of December 29, 1843 George Pratt Foster advertised as follows

"GEORGE P. FOSTER, Gunsmith, Machinist and Pattern Maker, has taken the Shop under the Washington Reading Room, near Taunton Green, and hopes by strict personal attentio to his business, to merit a share of the public patronage, which he respectfully solicits.
Double and single barrel GUNS, and AMMUNITION of all kinds, constantly on hand, as low as can be bought elsewhere.
RIFLES made to order, and warranted as good as can obtained. Guns reamed out ans repaired in any desired manner.
N.B. PATTERNS FOR CASTINGS, made to order.
All kinds of small jobs, such as Brazing, Soldering &c.&c., done as above, at short notice, and in the best manner. Oct. 20, 1842 "

Picture of this advertisement

Foster's rifling machine was made exclusively by WIlliam T. Nicholson (Nicholson File Co). That company made machinery for the gun industrie during the Civil War.

Around 1854 Foster was engaged by Burnside at the beginning of his corporate development. Foster enabled the Brisotl Fireamrs to produce locks and gun components for the trade. Furthermore the gain-twist rifling developed by Foster was used in every Burnside Carbine. Due to this feature even shot-out barrels performed good at 50 yards.

Burnsides 2nd Model were manufactured with two Foster innovations. The Burnside latch and a belt was added to the case mouth of the cartridge for effective seal in discharging the gun.

Fosters patent was used by Burnside.

It is believed that he manufactured the P.W. Porter turret guns

Foster Box-Lock-Target Rifle about 1860 (Replica) thanks to Rainer for the pics

replica, right side
replica, lock left side
replica, muzzle

.40 caliber percussion, Target Rifle with 28" octagonal barrel and bristol adress

right side
look on the Bristol adress

.42 caliber percussion, 36" barrel

System right side
System left side
Sight on the barrel
Butt right
Butt left
look on Taunton adress

.52 caliber percussion, hunting rifle

Hunting Rifle, right side