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Fordney, Jacob

Name Street Town State From To
Fordney, Jacob Front Street one door south of LeFever's Hotel Columbia Pennsylvania 1831 1835
Fordney, Jacob   Lancaster Pennsylvania 1835  

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There were two Jacob Fordney who figured in the tax list of Lancaster of 1834. Both were gunsmiths. Their work does not allow to sepearte them. One of them was the brother of Melchoir Fordney. This Jacob was named as his father Jacob Fordney. He and his brother also Melchoir became gunsmiths. This was the will of their father. His sister Elizabeth married Jacob Kraft (there must have been several Kraft's in Lancaster maybe father and son). Anyway, this was also a gunsmith.

An advertisement from the Columbia Spy of June 23, 1831 let presume that one of the Jacob's began his business at that time. Repair service as well as to alter guns from flintlock to percussion was offered.

About 1835 an advertisement in the Pittsburgh Gazette of October 23, 1835 informs us that Jacob Fordney, Rifle Manufacturer of Lancaster was searching fifteen to twenty Journeymen Gun Makers for constant employment. Therefore we have to assume that either the Jacob Fordney of Columbia has moved to Lancaster or this was the other Jacob Fordney.

The Jacob Fordney guns were made about the same time as the Gibbs and Gumps's. They were functional, well-made guns but not as elegant as in the old days.