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Engles, Peter Jr.

Name Street Town State From To
Engles, Peter Jr.   Fredericks Town Maryland 1786  
Engles, Peter Jr.   Greene Town, Greene County Pennsylvania 1803  
Engles, Peter Jr.   Monongahela Township, Greene County Pennsylvania 1832  

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Contract for

See the Maryland Archives. After 1800 he must have moved to Pennsylvania for joining his cousin Clement who was already living in Greene Township.

Peter Engels Jr. was a descendant of Peter Engels Sr. of Germany and Magdalena Frey.

He was born in Klingenthal (france) on September 17, 1749 (died in 1833 in Pennsylvania). In 1754 he went to America on the ship Halifax. His mother and his brother Johann Jacob died in transit.

Peter Engels Sr. was living in Frederick Maryland in/about 1756 where he was in cutlery business. He was in charge of the town munitions dump in 1786 and became Armourer at Frederick Town on 4 May 1786 ?. Eventually relationship to Gunlock Manufactory.

In 1776 ? he was paid 57 Pounds, 13 Shillings and 9 Pence eventually for swords and bayonets. In December 1786 he received 100 Pounds from the Western Shore Treasurer.

Beneath is a copy of his last will of 1832
I Peter Engle of Monongahela Township, Greene County and State of Pennsylvania, considering the uncertainty of this mortal life, and being of sound mind and memory, do make and publish, this my last will and testament, in the manner and form following, thereby revoking any former will, or wills, that may have been made by me.
Firstly: It is my will and desire that, after my death, all my just debts be paid together with all charges and expenses in 'relation to my funeral and the execution of this my last will and testatment.
Secondly: It is my will and desire, that after the debts and expenses above mentioned are paid, that the residue of my estate both real and personal (excepting my gunsmith tools) shall remain in the hands of my beloved wife Susannah during her natural lifetime to use and enjoy the same in any manner she may see proper in order to promote her comfort and convenience, and for her use and benefit alone, over which she shall have full and exclusive power and control, with privilege to sell any part or parts that she may deem proper or best.
Thirdly:I hereby will and bequeath unto my son Barney all my gunsmith tools to be delivered to him by my Executors (herein after named) as early as practicable after my death.
Fourthly: I hereby will and bequeath unto my sons Jacob, George, Peter, Abraham, Ezra, Emanuel, and Christian, and unto my daughters, Mary (Bugh), Elizabeth (Kramer), Julia (Piatt), Milly (Zeigler), Marium (Bell), Catherine (Garrison) and Rebeckah (Donham) to them (or in case of their death, then to their children) the sum of one dollar each to be paid to each of them respectively, as early as practicable, by my said Excecutors after the death of my wife Susannah.
Fifthly: I will and bequeath unto my daughters Tracilla and Neucesa, all the residue of my estate both real and personal, to be divided equally between them (or the proceeds thereof) by my Executors, share and share alike as early as practicable after the death of my said wife Susannah.
Sixthly: I hereby nominate and appoint my friends Lewis Lantz and Benjamin F. Black, Executors to this my last will and testament.
In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this the First day of February one thousand eight Hundred and thirty two.
Signed, Published and declared, by the above named Peter Engle to be his last will and testament, in the presence of us, who at his request, and in his presence, have subscribed our names as witnesses thereunto, John Gapen
Benjamin Freeland Peter Engels Seal
Greene County Court
Before me Jesse Lazear, Registor for the probate of wills and granting letters of Administration in and for said county this day came John Gapen andBenjamin Freeland the two subscribing witnesses to the within instrument of...

As he was talking of gunsmith tools will indicates that he repaired guns but did not make them.