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Dimick, Horace E.

Name Street Town State From To
Dimick, Horace E. 38 N. Main, r. 69 S. 4th St.Louis Missouri 1850 1870

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

This address figures in Kennedy's 1860 St. Louis City Directory

Dimick came from Kentucky to St. Louis. Until 1864 the company's name was H.E. Dimick & Co. and became only H.E. Dimick from 1864 to 1873 when Dimick died.

Maker of Deringer-Style Pocket Pistols

.36 caliber percussion, Metropokitan Arms Co. Navy 1st Model Revolver marked Dimick
Dimick ordered 300 of these revolvers from which only 100 bears his name on the barrel
left side
Dimick marking on barrel
some other details

.44 caliber percussion, single shot pistol, 5" round barrel
right side