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Dickson, Nelson & Co.

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Dickson, Nelson & Co.   Dawson Georgia    

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The Shakanoosa Arms Co. in Dickson, Alabama was founded by William Dickson, Owen O. Nelson and Dr. Lewis H. Sadler.

.58 Cal single shot percussion rifle, 34" barrel, full stock, two barrel bands, iron loading rod, marked "Dickson/Nelson & Co./C.S." as well as "Ala" and date of manufacture.

The entreprise moved to Rome, Georgio and in operation for several months until it was destroyed by a fire. The armory was moved to Adairsville, Georgia. and finally settled in Dawson, Georgia. around March of 1864 and remained in operation until the end of the war. The Shelby Works supplied the iron for the arms made at Dickson, Nelson & Co.