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Dance Brothers

Name Street Town State From To
Dance Brothers   Columbia Texas 1862 1864

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J.H., G.P., and D.E. Dance began production of percussions revolvers for the Confederate States of America in Columbia, Texas, in mid 1862, moving to Anderson, Texas, in early 1864.

Approximately production did not exceed 350 pistols. Most of these were in the "Army" (.44 caliber) size. A limited number of "Navy" (.36 caliber) were also manufactured. No. 51 of these Navy's belonged to Charles Hiss, Corporal in Company H of Brown's Texas Cavalry. Several of Dance Brothers workers were members of Browns 35th Texas Cavalry. James Henry Dance was one of their officers.

.36 cal., right side .44 cal., right side

Other one in .44 caliber in best condition
right side
top side
number on left side
cylinder left side
cylinder right side

Nearly all are distinguished by the absence of a "recoil shield" on the frame behind the cylinders.