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Cookson, John

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Cookson, John   Boston Massachusetts 1676 1762

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John Cookson, born 1676; died October 21, 1762. He married Rachel Proctor November 02, 1704 in Boston, MA. He could have been a descendant of John Cookson, a London gunsmith who copied the mechanisme of Abraham Hill (On March 3rd, 1664, Abraham Hill, London obtained Letters Patent for a "gun or pistoll for small shott, carrying seaven or eight charges of the same in the stocke of the gun).

Advertising in the Boston Gazette of April 12
"Breech-Loading Gun. Made by John Cookson, and to be sold by him at his House in Boston:
a handy Gun of 9 Pound and a half Weight;
having a Place convenient to hold 9 Bullets, and Powder for 9 Charges and 9 Primings;
the said Gun will fire 9 Times distinctly, as quick, or slow as you please, with one turn the Handle of said Gun, it doth charge the Gun with Powder and Bullet, and doth prime and shut the pan, and cock the Gun. All these Motions ae performed immediately at once, by one turn with the said Handle. Note, there is Nothing put into the Muzzle of the Gun as we charge other Guns."