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Conrad, S.

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Conrad, S.          

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Top of the barrel is engraved "S CONRAD" in script. The barrel is octgonal and is 42" long. Barrel is dark brown in color with well rounded edges and corners. Brass front sight and simple Kentucky notched rear sight. Barrel is smooth except for moderate pitting around the percussion drum area. The front action lock mechanism is also brown in color with no markings present. Lock and double set triggers work well. The stock is of curly maple with fairly loose curl faintly present under the dark coloration overall. The stock extends to the muzzle and is mounted with brass furniture comprising the nosecap, octagonal ramrod thimbles, triggerguard, engraved patchbox, toeplate, buttplate and sidelock screw washer. The toeplate is engraved also but has the rear " broken away and the toeplate has been moved to the rear exposing the forward portion of the inletted wood. Incise lines are carved along the forend and on the bottom edge of the buttstock. Buttstock comb has a curved profile. Cheekpiece is present on the left side of the stock and incise carving is present on the left side behind the cheekpiece. There is a sliver of wood missing on the right side extending from the percussion drum forward to the front of the lockplate.
S. Conrad