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Clark, Sherrard & Co.

Name Street Town State From To
Clark, Sherrard & Co.   Lancaster Texas 1860s  

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for
State of Texas during the Civil War 400 Revolvers of Colt Dragon type

J.H. Sherrard was engaged in Tucker, Sherrard & Company, Sherrard, Tailor & Co and Clark, Sherrard & Co.

Copy of Colt Dragon Revolver made for the State of Texas.
left side right side
Probably only one was finished at the end of the Civil War. The others made after the war.

In June 2001 number 288 3rd Model Colt Dragoon type revolverin .44 caliber percussion was sold for almost $73.000. The gun was marked on the barrel CLARK, SHERRARD & CO./LANCASTER, TEXAS. It is believed that this gun was made in 1866.