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Campbell, Abner Caruthers

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Campbell, Abner Caruthers   Hamilton Ohio 1860s  

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Born July 12, 1824, Hamilton, Ohio, became partner with Gwyn in the Hamilton Gas Light and Coke Co. as well as in the Cosmopolitan Arms Co., of which he was the first operator and principal owner. Campbell died in 1868.

Carbines sold by Cosmopolitan Arms Co. and those of Gwyn & Campbell, both in additional often marked and refered to as Union are quite identical but there are some differences. Especially the lever.

The Cosmopolitan's guns were based on the patent of Henry Gross (see Gross Henry). Edward Gwyn requested for an English patent for identical mechanism which was granted on December 20, 1859 (English patent had the number 1489). Campbell brought the funds. Today it seems that both has to be to consider as separate manufacturing. Sorry when still melting information. I am not yet certain which was made by whome. It is not of help that in historic records both guns were often named as Union Carbines.