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Burgess Gun Co.

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Burgess Gun Co.   Buffalo New York 1892 1899

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The company was incorporated by Andrew Burgess in 1892 whereas his own manufacturing plant was only operational in 1893. Their main produc was a

12 gauge slide action shotguns, 20", 28" or 30" round barrel and 6 round tube magazine. Serial number started at 1000, marked BURGESS GUN CO./BUFFLO N.Y. U.S.A. Most of them were of the 20" or exactly 19.5" barrel takedown style allowing the barrels to be quickly detached.

shotgun right-side

other one right-side

other shotgun left-side
other shotgun right-side

In 1896 brought out a rifle using the same action as the shotguns.

In 1897 he came out with a folding model rifle in .30-30, .44-40 and .30-40 Burgess. Some were even made in .40-82. The barrels are marked WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS CO.

Purchased by Winchester in 1899.