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Bull, John Partridge

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Bull, John Partridge   Deerfield Massachusetts 1768 1788

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Born 1731 died 1813, son of Nehemiah Bull (1701 - 1740), Reverend in Westfield, Massachusetts and Elizabeth Partridge, doughter of Reverend William Williams, in Hatfield. He had 2 brothers and one sister.

Where and when John Partridge Bull became a gunsmith is unknown. It could be in Northampton or somewhere in the Salisbury Hills of Berkshire County. Most likely he was apprentice to Set Pomeroy, Northampton. His name figured in a list of those who went to Deerfield, August 1748. The commander of the troop was Lt. Seth Pomeroy. However, in the account boks of Pomeroy (Historical Society, Northampton) no mention of an apprenticeship of Bull figures.

As of 1755 Bull tock part of a military expediton again commanded by Seth Pomeroy. Colonel Israel Williams appointed Bull to be Armorer of Ephraim Williams' regiment. The regimet marched to Albany, New York further to Lake George. French and Indian war 1754 to 1763. Bulls engagenment ended December 10, 1755.

John Partridge Bull reengaged in April 1856. He was appointed armorer for the line forts by Col. Israel Williams but most likely he worked for the military commissary Elijah Williams in Deerfield as of June 7, 1756. The account book of Israel Williams shows purchases of 68 files, 13 ounces of brass and a lot of other things as brandy, clothing material ... Bull's military engagement ended finally on January 23, 1757. He continued working for Williams as a gunsmith.

From Williams reccords we learn that Bull established his own shop in Deerfiled about April 1859. He let an account book with business transactions from 1768 to 1788 showing total income of 223 pound, 8 pences. 35 per cent came from gun business especially he made repairs to the gunlock (312 repairs from 1773 to 1880). His book shows that out of his 239 clients only 190 made payments and only 61 settled in full. Most paied in goods as frein, fruits, meet, tobacco, building material. 16 paid in labor. From the 190 clients who paid or partially paid only 45 gave cash.