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Bristol Firearms Co.

Name Street Town State From To
Bristol Firearms Co.   Bristol Rhode Island 1855 1862

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

Company formed in May 1855 with Burnside as treasurer,
produced the Burnside breech loaders. See also Foster, George Pratt whos patent was used on the Burneside's.

In 1861 a new company Burnside Rifle Co. was formed as the Bristol Firearms Co. had not been able to produce the requested firearms.

1st Model Carbines
.54 caliber percussion, 22" round barrel, mostly with Maynard's tape primer
Proposed to the Ordnance Department for $ 30.00.

Since 1854 the Ordnance Departement ordered 1470 carbines but until 1857 only 420 had been delivered.

2nd Model Carbines
.54 caliber percussion, 21" round barrel, total production by Bristol and Burnside was about 1500.

Navy Rifles

.58 caliber percussion, production started in 1860/1861
700 Burnside rifles with sword bayonets and 29" barrel baught by the Navy at $37.50 as from 1860.