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Boker, Hermann & Co.

Name Street Town State From To
Boker, Hermann & Co. 101 and 103 Duane Street New York New York 1837 1986

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Hardware store in New York. They published as Manufacturers and Importers of Germand and English Hardware, Cutlery, Guns,&.

The Boker or Böker/Boeker is a German family, originated in Solingen, Germany and had been involved with tools and weapons making since the the 16th century. In 1829 Heinrich and Robert Boker established a business in Remscheid, Germany and produced sabers. Hermann Boker, their brother emigrated to New York in 1837. He quickly foundet the H. Boker & Co. company. The Boker U.S.A. name, trademarks and distribution rights were sold in 1986 to Heinrich Böker, Solingen, Germany, where Boker knives are still being made.

The Böker/Boker family began manufacturing and trading hardware in the late 16th century. Gottfried Böker made blades which were used in the Seven Years War (1754-1763).

Although the Bökers are already into the business for over 400 years they only celibrated 140 years of business in 2009 which refers to 1869 when they founded their own cutlery factory in Solingen. Unfortunately, Böker's history is poorly documented because the complete factory was destroyed during World War II. In aditional, confusion is coused by their many companies in so many countries.

Whith the outbreak of the Civil War, 52 Lefaucheux revolvers with ammunition were purchased from Hermann Boker & Co. on September 28, 1861. In October 1862, Colonel George Lee Schuyler bought further 10,00 Lefaucheux Model 1854 revolvers directly from Lefaucheux's company in France. Aditional 2,281 guns were acquired through small purchases from various military suppliers.

Hermann Boker & Co, purchased 3,663 .44 caliber, Remington Small Frame Carbines between April 1875 and January 1876.

Boker's baught further 382 .50 caliber Remington Large Frame Carbines in February/March 1876

In 1898 they offered the "Borchardt" Automatic Repeating Pistol and Carbine
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