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Bodenheimer, William

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Bodenheimer, William   Lancaster Ohio 1837 1850s

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Very little is known of Bodenheimer or his activities.

The Centennial History of Lancaster of 1898 indicates:
" Wm. Bodenheimer came to Lancaster in 1817 as a wheelwright. In 1837 he changed to gunsmithing. He proved to ba an accomplished gunsmith, having a genius for it. He introduced the first long range rifles and the first globe sights seen in Lancaster. He died long ago, sometime in the fifties." Figures in the Williams City Guide and Business Index of Circleville and Lancaster of 1859 as gunsmith and gun manufacturer.

Most of his rifles are marked W. BODENHEIMER on the barrel and sometimes Lancaster behind his name, some are with double set triggers and peep sights, his guns weighed between 10 to 15 pounds with barrel lenghts up to 40", most in .30 to .40 caliber. Some guns with a false muzzle and a starter are known.