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Bliss & Goodyear

Name Street Town State From To
Bliss & Goodyear 16 Whitney Avenue New Haven Connecticut 1860 1887

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

Created by Frank D. Bliss and Alfred D. Goodyear (probably a non active partner). In the 1880s they made Suicide Specials under the patent of William H. Bliss of April 23, 1878

It seems that the partnership of Bliss & Goodyear was disolved already in 1860 though Bliss continued manifacturing revolvers. A lot of so called suicide specials were made under Bliss's patent.

Trade names:

.28 caliber percussion, 6 shot revolver, 3" octagonal barrel, unfluted cylinder, marked BLISS & GOODYEAR - NEW HAVEN, CONN. 3,000 were manufactured in 1860. Sole agent was Union Knife Co. (also connected to Walch)
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