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Bigelow, Benjamin

Name Street Town State From To
Bigelow, Benjamin   Marysville California    
Bigelow, Benjamin   Rochester New York    
Bigelow, Benjamin   San Francisco California    

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Former apprentice to William Billinghurst. He made hand revolved rifles, both pill lock and percussion, on the Miller pattern.

At least one rifle was made with a shotgun barrel as the cylinder pin. (earlier than LeMat !) Later rifles made by Bigelow showed several changes from his earlier ones: ignition was changed from pilllock to percussion cap, the nipples were placed in the rear of the cylinder parallel with the bore, and the cylinder catch was moved from the front of the cylinder to the rear.

7-shot caplock revolving rifle, sidehammer, cylinder pin was a shotgun barrel which was fired by a separate underhammer, round patchbox