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Belton, Joseph

Name Street Town State From To
Belton, Joseph   Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1750s 1780s

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for
in 1777 Continental Congress 100 "Model 1758" rifles but none delivered

Flintlock repeating Firearms
1758 experimental rifle, proposed to the Congress in 1777 non has been discovered yet.

.63 caliber, flintlock, 8 shot "roman candle" also named "fuse" or "powder train", 53 1/2" round barrel. The barrel was made in London for Capt. Jospeh Belton

1785 proposed to the Board of Ordnance but rejected
.57 caliber, flintlock pistol, 4 shot, 12" round barrel
.61 caliber, flintlock Pistol, 4 shot, 12 1/2" round barrel (wooden model)

Known items = 1 Rifle and 2 Pistols one wooden
rifles and pistols marked Jover & Belton, manufactured about 1785 in London