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Barker, F.A.

Name Street Town State From To
Barker, F.A.   Fayetteville North Carolina 1860 1864

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I am not sure wheater the correct name was M.A. Barker and not F.A. Barker. It is said that M.A. Barker made guns in Fayetteville during the Civil War and even earlier. To my knowledge no M.A. Baker gun is known. However, the Springfield Armory Museum collection has a .52 caliber percussion Confederate Rifle which lockplate is marked F.A. Barker, Fayetteville, N.C. This correspond to "Small Arms Makers" by Robert E. Gardner who listened only a F.A. Barker in Fayetteville.

Made rifles and carbines for the Confederacy (very likely for the State of North Carolina) but non is known. Production is estimated at 65 guns. A fire distroyed his shop already on July 28, 1862 (Greensboro Patriot, July 30, 1862).

It is believed that he was making gun locks for the Confederacy even after his shop was destroyed. However, this is still to be proved.

It is said, that he made percussion conversions of the M1817 Common Rifle.