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Barger, F. N.

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Barger, Frederic N.   Champaign County Ohio 1836 1902

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Barger was born on February 27, 1813 in Rockbridge County, VIrginia. He was son of Adam Barger. In 1836 they established in Concord Township, Champaign County. When he came to Concord he was working at the carpenter trade through the summer and as blacksmith through the winter. He was a natural born mechanic, but never served an apprenticeship at any trade. For at least ten or twelve years, whe n ot do much at the carpenter trade, he has been engaged chiefly at gunsmithing. During this time he has made 145 new rifles and repairing a thousand and some of different kinds. He continued as a repairman at least until 1881. He died in 1902.

Barger Was considered as one of the leading mechanics and had a reputation of being one of the finest gunsmiths in the county.