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Augusta Machine Works

Name Street Town State From To
Augusta Machine Works   Augusta Georgia 1861 1864

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for

The company was also called Government Pistol Factory

Copied the 1851 Colt Navy. .36 Cal percussion with 8" barrel and 6-shot
cylinder. Unmarked except for serial number. 6 or 12 stop cylinder slots.

6 stops revolver, left side 6 stops revolver, right side

12 stops revolver, left side 12 stops revolver, right side

Serial no. 7, .36 caliber, 7 3/4 inch octagonal barrel with copper
blade front sight, serial no. 7 marking visible on top of loading lever lug,
cylinder with six stop slots, blued finish on steel parts,
with plain brass gripstraps. Blued, with plain brass gripstraps.
Oil-stained one-piece walnut grips. There were approximately only 100 produced.
left side right side