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Aubrey, Albert James

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Aubrey, Albert James   Meriden Connecticut 1890s  

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Born in 1862 in Meriden, Connecticut. About the year 1880 he was reported to work in a gun factory in Meriden. This could be Parker Brothers. He seems being plant superintendent for the Wilkes-Barre Gun Co. when the company went bankrupt in 1895. Some years later, so about 1900 he would have worked for Colt. He than became Vice President and General Manager for Sears, Roebuck & Company,s firearm business and in 1905 Meriden FIre Arms Co. started manufacturing shotguns under trade names as A.J. Aubrey. They were sold by Sears and figured in their 1908 catalog for $13.85 up to $ 69 as "Great A.J. Aubrey Gun"