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Armstrong, John

Name Street Town State From To
Armstrong, John   Emmitsburg Maryland 1793 or 1794 1841
Armstrong, John (same ?)   Gettisburg ? Pennsylvania 1813 1817

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Born September 5, 1772 in (Liberty Township, near Hanover, Pennsylvania ?) As John utilized 5 of Schroyer's details it is beleaved that he probably learned his gunsmithing from George Schroyer of Hanover.
Armstrong went to Emmitsburg about 1793. Johnís father, originally from England, was also named John and apparently settled at first in the Cumberland Valley section of Pennsylvania, moving his family later to somewhere in Liberty Township.
By 1808 was able to buy some property, probably for a house, as well as a business and permanently established his roots. It is known that he was still in Emmitsburg as late as 1841.

There is a good article of Armstrong by the Emmitsburg Area Historical Society

Kentucky rifles and pistols Emmitsburg School

.36 caliber percussion, Kentucky style rifle, tiger maple stock, set trigger, 43 1/4" octagonal rifle marked John Armstron, lock marked JA, price about $ 15000 to $ 25000

.36 cal. lock
.36 cal. marking on lock
.36 cal. marking on barrel
.36 cal. patchbox
.36 cal. butt left side