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Allen, Silas

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Allen, Silas   Shrewsbury Massachusetts 1796 1843

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Silas Allen, born 1775 and died in 1850. He opened his Shrewsbury gunshop in 1796 which he operated until 1843. Very likely there where two gunsmith with the same name in Shrewsbury which would be father and son. Anyway the Allen's worked in Shrewsbury until 1856 when moving to Greenfield.

Silas Allen the younger or Jr. is reported as apprentice to John Mason Jr.

Kentucky rifles and pistols, flintlock rifles

.42 caliber flintlock, 34" octagonal barrel and stamped S. Allen, butt with patch box

.58 caliber flintlock rifle, 38 1/4" octagonal barrel, no patchbox

.62 caliber flintlock New England Rifle, 44" part octagonal part round barrel

One of his guns made between 1806 to 1830 was presented by the Fitchburg Historical Society in 2005