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Adolphus Meir & Co.

Name Street Town State From To
Adolphus Meir & Co.   St. Louis Missouri 1830s 1870s

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See also Meier, Adolphus. Adolphus Meir & Co. (certainly a misspelling of Adolphus Meier & Co.) was most likely a trading company.

Known are locks for deringer kind pistols or coat pistols stamped ADOLPHUS MEIR & CO./SNT LOUIS.

In 1865 Adolphus Meir figured as one of the DIrectors of the Atlantic & Mississippi Steamship Company which operating about 21 steamboats on the Mississippi.

See also U.S. Supreme Court, St. Louis Ins. Co. v. St. Louis, V.T.H. & I. Railroad Co., October 1881. Page 146 and follows, treating the lost of a shipment of cotton by an accidental fire in Jersey Ciry.
From this document it seems that Adolphus Meir & Co. was operating in cotton business around 1873 and traded with C.G. Meir & Co., London, England.