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Adirondack Arms Co.

Name Street Town State From To
Adirondack Arms Co.   Plattsburgh New York 1870 1874

Patent Date Remarks

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Orvil M. Robinson Patent Rifle The Robinson tube-fed repeating rifle was made in New York between 1870 and 1874. Sold to Winchester in 1874.

The models, 1870 - 1872 are marked "A.S. Babbitt".
The models, 1872 - 1874 are marked "Adirondack Arms Co.".
The first with small fingers on the hammer to cock and operate the mechanism.
The second with buttons on the receiver to retract the bolt and cock the hammer.
The rifle was made in . 44 cal. with an octagonal barrel in 26" or 28" length. Frame in brass and a view in iron.