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Adams Revolving Arms Co.

Name Street Town State From To
Adams Revolving Arms Co.   New York City New York 1856 1861

Patent Date Remarks

Contract for
U.S. Ordnance Department, June 17, 1856 100 .36 caliber Adams-Beaumont revolvers (English production)
U.S. Ordnance Department, March, 1857 500 .36 caliber Adams-Beaumont revolvers (of U.S. production)
U.S. Navy, February, 1857 50 .36 caliber Adams-Beaumont revolvers (English production).
This order had been cancelled in August 1857 as no delivery tock place.

The Adams-Beaumont is based on patents of Robert Adams (England), F.B.E. Beaumont and James Kerr (England). The England production was assured by Deane, Adams and Deane, 30 King William Street, London which became London Armoury Co. in 1857.

The U.S. manufaction of their guns was made by Massachusetts Arms Company, Chicopee Falls. The company got rights to manufacture the belt or navy (.36 calibers) model as well as the pocket model (.31 calibers) of the Adams-Beaumont revolvers.

See Massachusetts Arms Company for details of the U.S. made .31 and .36 caliber Adams revolvers.

In 1856 the English Major R.S. Ripley proposed 100 guns to the U.S. Ordnance Department. Colonel Craig accepted this offer on June 17, 1856 and asked the revolvers in .36 caliber. The price was $18/each. Production was made in England but delivery was only made on March 7, 1857 at the New York Arsenal, as the .36 caliber was not a common English caliber. Within four months 88 of these guns had been issued to the army.

An additional command of 500 guns was made shortly after the delivery in March 1857. These revolvers had to be made in the U.S. (Massachusetts Arms Company). The 500 revolvers were manufactured in 1857 and the first 250 were delivered to the New York Arsenal on July 24, 1858, 150 on August 17, 1858 and the last 100 on September 4, 1858. Only 41 guns were issued prior the Civil War. These guns were sent to the State of Pennsylvania under the Militia Appropriation Act of 1808.

During the Civil War Schuyler, Hartley and Graham, New York (importers of the English Adams guns) sold 122 guns to the U.S. Ordnance Department on August 27, 1861, Until April 23, 1862 they sold totally 794 .44 caliber guns to the government. The last government purchase of Adams revolvers was on April 3, 1866 (280 revolvers).

Adams revolvers were also purchased by the Confederated.

As of 1868 the U.S. government sold totally 364 Adams guns until June 19, 1901.