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Abbey, George T.

Name Street Town State From To
Abbey, George T.   Utica New York 1845 1852
Abbey, George T. 186 Lake Street Chicago Illinois 1852 1874

Patent Date Remarks
87,814 March 16, 1869 Patent drawing

Contract for

George T. Abbey originally worked in Utica, New York, from 1845 to 1852. It is said he was a british gun maker of origine.
In 1852 he moved to Chicago and was there in business until 1874.
He manufactured a wide variety of percussion and cartridge firearms. Mostly rifles and shotguns

Advertisement in Chicago Daily Democrat of August 25, 1860 says:

Guns, RIfles, Pistols, &c.
186 Lake Street.
Sporting Aparatus and Gun Material. - Rifles made to order, with all the modern improvements. - Telescopic Sights, Patent Muzzle, &c.
Repairing promplty done and warranted.
Sole Agent for Hazzards's Powder.

When Abbey cleaned the Milwaukee muskets (Cairo Epedition, 1861 in the Civil War campagne) he reported many of them having been loaded with multiples charges. (said by Augustus Harris Burley at the Annual Meeting of the Chicago Historical Society, Nov. 19, 1890)

Chairmen of sub-committees of the North-Western Sanitary Commission and Soldiers' Home Fair, opened on May 39, 1865

.44 caliber, single barrel

.44 caliber, Side-x-Side double barrel

.44 double barrel, over-under, brass furniture

.44 octagonal barrel, brass furniture

10 gauge shotgun, double barrel in damascus type length 32"