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Foreign copies of American Firearms

No, I wouldn‘t do it but Ray managed to convince. I agree that this is an interesting aspect of American Firearms manufactured in the 19th century. In only one hundreds of years, the technique of guns changes from flintlock to automatic firearms.

Though America did neither invented the percussion ignition nor the cartridge we all are fascinated by the elegancy and beauty of the old American guns. Not forgetting of the history behind.

Collecting of old firearms is not only a cultural need in order to preserve this fine forkmanship for our descendants. It is also a way to show our respect for the men behind that work and their imagination.

This respect was already shown to them by skilled gunsmiths all over the world by copying their work and in this understanding I now start this new project on February 5, 2008

Please help me to create this aspect of American Firearms. I do not have much information about in my own documentation. To contribute please sent your information or picture to

Thank you very much

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