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Description of the Gun:

Copy of Colt revolver made by Ganahl, KKP Kaiserlich und Königlich Priviligierte Maschinen-, Band- und Spinnerreifabrik, Innsbruck, in 1849, 13.5 centimeter long barrel, 10 groves, caliber 9 mm, six shot percussion revolver. In fact, it is an 1849 licensed copy of the Cold Dreagoon of which probable 1000 were made for the Austrian Navy and aditional 100 gund went into the Civilian marked. They were sold by Johann Peterlongo and F. Jester, Innsbruck, Autria. These guns were made from 1849 to 1854 when the license came to it's end.

See Sutherland, The Book of Colt Firearms

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Thanks to a Czech visiter who informed me about two of these gunse manufactured in Innsbruck, Austria. One is in the Czech National mueseum, Prague and bearing number 760 and the second one is to be to find in the Slovakian National Museum, Bratislava, the number of that gun is 505. The Autstro-Hungarian dynasty was one of the first country to build guns similary to the famous COlt models. These guns, aut^strian version of the Colt Dragoon Model GUns are also known as Ganahl revolvers.

Mint ones

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1851 Colt Navies were also made and stamped KM. These guns are likely made by the Imperial Machine works, Innsbruck, Austria.